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Improve Business Communication Skills at Toronto Event

Professional Development and Networking Event: Key Communication Skills to Grow Your Business!

The key to successfully starting and growing a business is effective communications.  Your great idea will not get interest from anyone if you can’t share your vision, persuasively pitch your company to investors, and clearly market your products and services.

NCCA Canada is proudly partnering with YEDI and City of Toronto to co-host a half-day professional development and networking event at Toronto City Hall where you will learn how to develop these vital business communication skills. Our President, speaker extraordinaire and body language expert Mark Bowden will deliver a keynote not to be missed, which will be followed by your chance to join mini-workshops hosted by our industry professionals on the topics of pitching, networking, and clarifying your business vision.

This is an exciting and unique opportunity to meet coaches, trainers, learning and development professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, gathering together to connect, share and learn. This event is open for everyone, but space is limited.  Please join us!

Toronto City Hall – Friday October 13th 2017, 10 – 2 pm
Cost: $20 (**free for NCCA Canada Members)

To Register with EventBrite: https://ncca2017.eventbrite.com

**Discount code will be emailed to NCCA Canada members.  If you didn’t get yours, please contact NCCA Admin and we will email it to you.  Hope to see you there!


In Main Chambers
10-10:45 – Welcome, Opening Remarks, Body Language Expert Mark Bowden’s keynote on how to use non-verbal communication to persuade, assist with selling and add credibility to the business individual

10:55-11:30 – Mini-Workshop 1 – The Art of the Quick Pitch

NCCA Executive Director and 3V Communication Coach Ric Phillips leads an interactive class on how to effectively pitch your business in a very short time, with or without a slide deck

In Member’s Lounge with Select Vendors

11:30-12:15 – Lunch and Networking

*Note – Member’s Lounge will be open to all for food and networking until 4 pm!

Mini-Workshops in Committee Room 3 (2nd Floor)

12:15-12:45 – Mini-Workshop 2 – Networking: It’s Telling Not Selling
Networking guru Colleen Clarke shares her top tips and formulas to make networking less painful and improve your elevator pitches – something every business person needs to help self-market better!

1-1:30 – Mini-Workshop 3 – Know Your Vision

YEDI President and successful serial entrepreneur Dr. Marat Ressin leads a dynamic seminar on understanding the importance of having a vision for the entrepreneur/coach/small business owner, and how to identify and communicate it to others. This skill is essential if you want to get buy-in, gain followers to your cause, or lead a team in business.

1:45-2:30 – Round Table – Coaching and Learning & Development Trends

Informal discussion on the coaching and learning and development industries, their trends and how they can help businesses and individuals grow. Hosted by Ric Phillips and L & D Consultant/NCCA Designated Trainer Lauren Waldman. Bring your questions!

Our half-day event is complete, but networking remains available in Committee Room 3 and the Member’s Lounge until 4 pm.


Register with EventBrite: https://ncca2017.eventbrite.com

Communication Workshop NOV 22 for Immigrants

BRASI Presents:

BrasiMPACT: Communication Skills Refinement; Impact & Influence
Focusing on quickly building interpersonal communication skills and public speaking improvement, with a segment on accent reduction. Geared towards professional immigrants who need to deal with clients, suppliers, managers etc. Ric Phillips, Communication Coach, will provide the small-group training.

Saturday, November 22 2008 9am-3pm
North York Memorial Hall (Gold Room B)
5110 Yonge Street
Concourse Level
Toronto, ON M2N 5V7

Contact Aftab Khan
info @ brasi.org

Register NOW for only $185.00!!! No time to wait!

Communicating Confidently in Business

Hello those of you in Toronto/GTA:

This is the last week that we are taking registrations for the upcoming Nov. 8th effective communication skills workshop, downtown Toronto.

You will learn:

How to Communicate with confidence
The art of small talk and winning first impressions
conflict management
assertiveness in communications

Downtown Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Yonge/College.
Free lunch, free 1-hr. coaching session too.

Register now for a 20% discount.


Any Qs, just contact and ask Ric.

Effective Communications Workshop

NOTE: This is the last week to register.

3V Communications Presents:

Communicating Confidently in Business: Learn to Communicate with Charisma and Confidence to Build Your Career Success!
This interactive workshop focuses on building confidence in your communications, people-skills, first impression management and conflict management, plus influence. See website ad for more details and bonuses.

Saturday November 8th 2008, 9-5pm
Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Hotel, 475 Yonge St. (@ College),
Toronto, ON M4Y 1X7
Contact Ric Phillips
ric @ CommunicationCoach.ca

http://www.CommunicationCoach.ca and click on Public Workshops – Toronto

Any Qs? Just ask!

Deals on Training Courses


There is a good company that is based here in Toronto, but they are not limited to the GTA, called Last Minute Training. They help vendors like myself advertise workshops and they help people looking for personal/professional development find courses and workshops. They even help you get deals.

I have been working with this company for a while now, and I think they’ve got a great idea. So if you are interested in any training courses, or you are a vendor and want to advertise your courses, maybe they can help.

Communicating Confidently in Business – Workshop

3V Communications Presents
An effective communication skills full-day interactive workshop:
Communicating Confidently in Business

Learn to Communicate with Charisma and Confidence to build your Career Success!

November 8th, 2008 – Downtown Toronto Hotel

• Are you unsure if you are being heard and respected at work?
• Do you feel a little insecure or shy sometimes, and feel it is holding you back?
• Do you have difficulty handling stressful situations, arguments or workplace conflict? Do you have trouble saying no?
• Having trouble standing out but still fitting in?
• Are people not listening to you and your ideas, and do you wonder how you can change that?

After this course you will raise both your personal and professional communication skills to the top 10% of the world – and that is where you will find the most successful people in business and in life. Confident communicators are given more responsibility at work, are given promotions and raises more often, and become great business leaders. When you can communicate clearly and confidently, but still do it in a friendly, non-offensive way, you are headed for upper management or other leadership roles.

By the end of Saturday you will be able to:
Understand the importance of first impression management, and create a winning first impression that leaves others wanting to know more about you

Generate small talk easily – so you can enjoy stress-free conversations while you network, turn strangers into friends and build strong teams at work

Increase personal charisma and confidence – real leadership qualities vital in today’s competitive markets

Speak clearly with confident language, tonality and gestures

Use the fundamentals of sales psychology to persuade and influence others, and find out how to implement Aristotle’s 3 keys to persuasion while speaking in public

Manage conflict in a less-stressful way, so you can disagree and say no without offending others or getting into arguments

Be assertive without being aggressive, because nobody respects a bully!

you get a full day (9-5) of interactive and dynamic communication training – essential soft skills for today’s world of business

Catered Lunch and two Coffee breaks

Certificate of Completion – showing that you care about your personal and professional development, and have taken steps towards gaining excellent communications and building confidence for success

One Complimentary coaching session to get your personal communications assessed after the workshop is completed

$100 voucher, good towards any one-to-one coaching program or future workshop

Referral program – Do you have a friend or co-worker who would be interested in attending? You are eligible to receive a $50.00 thank you for everyone you send us who signs up and completes the workshop. Our way of thanking you for recommending us to new people

Early-bird special price – regular price is $299 for the day (plus g.s.t.), but we are currently offering an early-bird special price (see website) until October 6th.

Discounted room rate – if interested in staying at the Courtyard by Marriott downtown hotel please contact Ric directly to arrange it

By now, I trust you can see the benefits of developing the knowledge and skills to communicate confidently in business – so what are you waiting for?

To register, click here now. Or if this is not highlighted, just follow this link:
Location: This event will be held at Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Hotel, 475 Yonge Street (@ College St.). For a Google map location, click on the address above on my website, http://www.CommunicationCoach.ca

I look forward to meeting you and taking you to the next level of confident communications. Any questions please do not hesitate to call or email me:

Your coach and trainer,
Ric Phillips

What Workshop Topic Most Interests You?

Hello everyone!

I hope you are keeping well and are not feeling any sort of ‘Monday blues’. I think I am fortunate as an entrepreneur and consultant in that I never feel any particular strain on Mondays. To me, Monday is just as good as Friday! (Are some of you hating me now? Sorry, I will keep it to myself then!)

Well the summer seems to be over and everyone is back to work and back to school. Holidays seem to be over as well and people are re-focused on their personal and professional development. Therefore it is time for me to set up a couple of public workshops before the cold Canadian winter comes. I wonder if you would like to help me choose the next topic?

I have just set up a poll on my website, under the tab that reads “Next Public Workshop”. There is a 2-second survey that is simply one question: “Which workshops would you be most interested in attending?” If you have 2 seconds right now, I would really appreciate knowing what workshop(s) you would like to see run in Toronto in the next few months.

Even if you do not live in Toronto, but you have an opinion on what topic you think you would enjoy in a workshop, please still take the poll and let me know. I am by no means limited to running workshops and seminars in Toronto. As a matter of fact I enjoy visiting new places to work! (Imagine that, getting paid to travel and do something you love….hmm…life of a coach eh? Yes it can be quite rewarding at times!)

Okay, enough of me and my chosen lifestyle. Let me hear from you. Here is the direct link to my website where you will find the poll.


If you cannot decide on just one topic, that is fine. You can simply vote again!

Thank you all very, very much for your interest and support. I will be sending out a regular newsletter next time with great communication advice. As always if you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch with me.

All the best and – oh yes – Happy Monday!

Ric Phillips

One Day Communication Workshop

If you are in the Toronto area, there is a communication workshop coming up soon that you may want to go to. BRASI is sponsoring a one-day workshop and I will be doing the training. For more information please follow this link to the BRASI website. IF interested, register through BRASI.
(Aftab Khan is the contact person there).


Thanks! I am on vacation for a week so am unable to respond to any questions until I get back on the 17th.

The Rule of 75%

I had a fantastic time training the wonderful, energetic group of participants over the last weekend, at our 3V communication course. The first day focused on interpersonal skills and the second more on professional skills and public speaking.

Anyway, unfortunately due to my over-zealousness to try to give the group all of my best information, the afternoon of the second day ended up seeming a bit rushed. I had packed too much information into the course and workbooks, and although they can read it at home as many times as they like to help digest it, it still felt bad to rush material and examples. Not something I wanted to do.

So it reminds me today of the 75% rule of public speaking and presentations. Only prepare for 75% of the time allotted. That way you have time to slow down, relax, field questions, and even digress a little if necessary. You know story-telling is a natural digression and can dramatically increase audience listening and participation too. Every one likes a good (and hopefully relevant) story!

So in closing today’s brief post I am reminded of a great Japanese saying: “Saru mo ki kara ochiru.” What is the translation? “Sometimes even monkeys fall out of trees!” (Hey I fell out of the tree, but I don’t think I broke anything!)

Until next time.

The Best Way to Excel Communication Skills!

Effective Communication Skills Training Course:
Learn the Art of Excellent Communications for Business or Pleasure!

Communicate with more confidence and clarity. Increase personal and professional development. Take home a certificate!

Toronto Sheraton Hotel – June 7th and 8th

Day one focuses on advanced interpersonal skills, e.g. small talk, first impression management, NLP, building rapport, body language etc.

Day two focuses on professional communications, e.g. telephone and email etiquette, running great meetings, public speaking and presentations etc.


  • You get 2 days of fantastic, interactive and dynamic communication training for business and pleasure
  • You get loads of materials and books to take home
  • You get 20% off regular room rates at Sheraton Hotel, should you choose to stay there
  • You get a beautiful Certificate of Completion showing that you care about your personal and professional development, and have taken steps towards gaining excellent communications
  • You get a complimentary coaching session to get your personal communications assessed

What are you waiting for?

For more info and/or to register please visit http://www.CommunicationCoach.ca and take advantage of our current ‘early bird’ special rate – Must register before April 30th!

I look forward to meeting you and taking you to the next level of confident communications. Any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

(UPDATED NOTE:  we/3V used to offer public workshops but now focus on corporate team training workshops instead, FYI) – Ric April 2015