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Body Language and Eye Reading Article


There is a pretty good article on Body Language and specifically Eye Reading on Kevin Hogan’s weekly newsletter here:

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That is his homepage. On the upper left corner you will see his latest weekly articles. The bottom one is what you want to click to, the one called “Body Language: Language of the eyes.” These articles are changed every week, before Monday morning, so if you are interested in Body language, please get to this article soon, before it is taken down.

It is from a guest writer who uses English as a second language, FYI.

Anyway it is an interesting read. Enjoy!

Blogs & Newsletters – How Often is Enough?

I am unsure why some companies and organizations send me an email or newsletter almost everyday, and even up to several times a day. I really can’t understand their thinking on this. It really bothers me, and usually leads me to unsubscribe. Is my case so different from yours? Probably not.

We are all busy, and we all know (or at least today we can admit) that a lot of time and productivity is wasted on checking emails and reading other people’s opinions. If it is good advice or a helpful resource, that is fine. It will actually add to our efficiency and productivity at work or at school. But when I have to sift through junk all day just to find the gems, it gets a bit trying. I have patience, and will not unsubscribe in the first month, just to see if I am learning valuable information and if it is worth the daily intrusion. But after a while, or on the wrong day when I have just simply reached my limit, I hit the lovely ‘unsubscribe’ button. Simple solution.

As a business person who manages 3 blogs and a newsletter system I am all too aware of not wanting to bother my clients and readers too often. Actually, the truth is, I really should blog more often, as that is what a blog is for – daily thoughts. A blogger like Perez Hilton, who focuses on Hollywood, young starlets, and whomever is currently in the media, blogs several times a day actually. But that is not my goal. My goal is to print short and medium length articles of interest to my readers, under the categories of communication, ESL and confidence. I also want to let readers know of any workshops or valuable resources out there for them. For example, I am now in the process of building a new website which will be a great place for communication resources. That way if you find that you need something like an ebook, website, coach, free articles etc. you can simply visit one site that has it all. I hope you enjoy it.

My newsletters are sent out twice a month. I think I will continue that pattern, as it seems to be working well. I haven’t had anyone write to complain yet! And yes, today I have decided to blog more often, for those of you that want advice more than two times a month.

Want to help me?

If you have a question or particular subject you want me to discuss, just send me an email or leave a comment on one of the blogs. Thank you for helping me serve you better.

In Japan

Hello everyone,

I will be here in Japan until July 9th. Some work, some relaxation.
I am in Tokyo and Yokohama right now and soon I will visit Shizuoka and then Kyoto.

I will put together a post/newsletter soon about communication issues here in J-town.

For now, sorry that I have not posted for a while. Jet-lag is brutal.