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Isn’t it interesting when one makes fun of the stereotypes from one’s own culture?

This is Peter Chao, and although he is Chinese, he actually does not have such a strong accent as embellished in his videos.  He lives in Vancouver, BC and in this video he seems to be annoyed at a common scene found in most dim sum or other Chinese restaurants around the world.  Personally, I too get very annoyed by people who eat with their mouth open and talk while eating, so this video rings true for me.  By the way, I lived in China for 2 years teaching English before. I love the culture.
Enjoy the video!


  1. Purple

    I guess this guy Peter Chao is from Taiwan. That is why he claim himself as Taiwanese or Canadian, but not Chinese, even he is genetically Chinese.

    One thing I am wondering is why people want to make fun of people who speak English with Chinese accent.

    Is it something so funny? Ok, image you native speakers say something in a foreign language.

    The sad thing is that those who discriminate Chinese most are actually those who have the same origin as Chinse, like the guy: Mr.Chao.

  2. Ric Phillips

    Peter Chao speaks Cantonese in other videos, so my guess is that he or his family is from Hong Kong, Canton (Guangzhou) or thereabouts. He often refers to himself as Chinese, so I don’t know why you think doesn’t.

    I think most accents are funny. We still tease Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he is quite successful!

    I know I have an accent when I speak Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or French. Most people say “it’s cute” so I don’t mind.

    If you really are curious as to who Peter Chao is and why he’s making videos, you can find him on YouTube, Twitter, FB etc. Watch a few and then decide if you like him or hate him.

    It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think he is anti-Chinese at all. He is breaking down stereotypes by showing them and talking about them using comedy.

    Thanks for the post!

  3. Awkad

    Peter Chao is Cantonese. Real name is Davin Tong, and he purposely changes his name and his accent. There are very few pictures of him w/o glasses. AND he is able to speak Mandarin and Cantonese, although in most of his videos, he speaks Cantonese. ~Yu Dan <3


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