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Are You Coming or Going? (Exploring Related Phrasal Verbs)

1. a)  to come across = to find by chance                                   
I came across a beautiful antique vase in a 2nd hand shop in Kensington Market.
1. b)  to come across = to appear
He comes across as reserved, but actually he’s very outgoing once you get to know him.
2. to come between = to be a barrier, to separate
Language or religion can come between lovers.
3. a) to come out = to be published/released
The final Hunger Games movie came out a few months ago.
3. b) to come out = to remove
The red wine stain finally came out of the carpet, after a lot of cleaning.
3. c) to come out = to announce to family, friends or the world that you are gay/homosexual.
My friend didn’t come out of the closet until he was 35.  Then he felt a great sense of relief.
4. to be going on = s/t is happening
What’s going on with them?
5. a) to go on = to go ahead of someone
You go on in the restaurant. I’ll be right behind you. I want to finish smoking.
5. b) to go on (and on) = to continue talking without a break and often repeating yourself.
I know Jack had a great time in Paris, because he will go on and on with stories to anyone!
6. to be on the go = to be very busy
Hey! You need to chill! You’re always on the go! You’re gonna burn yourself out!
7. “It goes without saying.” = it’s clear without being said
It goes without saying that I’ll help you move houses!
8. to go far = be very successful
Having studied at Harvard, I’m sure he’ll go far in life.
9. To go to great lengths = to take a lot of trouble to do something
After Tony won the lottery, he went to great lengths to keep it a secret.