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Can Effective Communication Skills Get More Out of Our Managers?

This fresh advertisement is suggesting so.  But why is that?
It’s because managers are the ‘hub’ of an office or other organization.  They translate what the top level or C-suite folks who develop or interpret the vision really want (as far as action goes), and then carry out the communications and processes involved in getting the message to the remaining staff.  The manager, including the Human Resources (HR) personnel, supervisors, and often consultants and high level contractors have to truly understand what the higher ups want, and that takes empathy, active listening skills, often the ability to read non-verbal communication (NVC) correctly, and patience.  These are all great communication skills.  Then they must deliver this information to other managers, front-line staff, contractors and other co-workers of some type.  This takes interpersonal skills, conflict management skills, the skill of giving direction, delegation and feedback effectively without offending others, etc.  These are all excellent communication qualities to have.  So – if you think about it – a manager is quite busy talking to many different people all day above, beside and below them, and we didn’t even discuss conversations with suppliers, vendors, clients and whoever else might cross their path!

So we should be glad if we have (or had) a manager who displayed excellent communication skills.  Because as we see here, it’s very complicated, and unfortunately it’s not very common for the average persons to find a great manager.  If you have one – tell them tomorrow!
If you ARE a manager, or for that matter an entrepreneur or any self-employed contractor or consultant – what can you do to evaluate your current communication skills and then make them better if need be?  It starts with a good self-assessment, or consideration of recent feedback.
Good luck!

WestJet Christmas Miracle! Real-Time Giving

This is a very heart-warming example of marketing done right, i.e. the company gets great exposure, but the customer also gets something great in return!  Just watch and see, and then ask yourself if you’ve ever seen something similar done by another company.  This is great!  And it was partly filmed at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.  🙂